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Nationwide Blue Buddha Frenchies French Bulldog Breeders

Nationwide French Bulldog Breeders delivering high-quality Frenchies, including: blue french bulldogs, standards, and fluffy french bulldogs!

We are BBF, home of quality elite AKC french bulldogs of all colors! We LOVE this breed and have been breeding french bulldogs for many years.


We strive to provide our families with healthy, quality french bulldog puppies that will complete your family! We have been told our frenchies live better than most people (we like to think this is because we demonstrate a Zen atmosphere with positive energy for our dogs). They are truly our world.

French bulldOgs are a breed like nO Other. 

They’re addicting and what a great addiction they are!

With a playful spirit, love of entertaining and tendency to snort, French Bulldogs are the life of the party, earning them many nick names...I mean they did evolve from, a frog, pig, and a bat! Can you blame them?!

Known for their flat faces and bat ears and small compact bodies, they’re sure to catch everyone’s attention when they’re out. However, in our experience, they’re not for every family. 

French Bulldog history

If you are interested in French Bulldog history, the first thing you should know is they originate from England, not France! “Frenchies” were first bred in Nottingham in 1800s by lace makers who wanted to create a small, miniature version of English Bulldog also called a “toy” bulldog.

In the 1860s when craftsmen moved to France, they brought their dogs along with them. They became popular there and were given the name French bulldogs. However, certain experts claim that these dogs were crossbred with Pug and Terrier and that is how we got to today’s French Bulldog. Even when the breed was brought back to England for dog shows the name French Bulldog remained.

meet the family

french bulldOg faqs

What kind of temperament and personality does the French Bulldog have?

Well they’re bulldogs for a reason! They are witty, stubborn and super lazy. At times they have what we as frenchie owners call “zoomies!” (don’t worry, they won’t last long!) Although, they are super dominant, it's very rare to see a frenchie with aggression and, with consistency they usually submit rather quickly. 

How do I housebreak my French Bulldog?

They are stubborn, which means they can be hard to house train. So, consistency is key. If you ever look at memes on the internet there is a famous one circulating of a french bulldog standing at the door in the rain saying “let me in I need to poop!” 

What's the best dog food for French Bulldogs?

We spent years researching high quality  food for our french bulldogs, so you don't have to. Trust us, we've tried every food you can think of, and we always come back to (and highly recommend) Life’s Abundance.

How do I find a good AKC French Bulldog breeder?

There are many french bulldog breeders, and finding the right one can be super difficult. Ultimately, it comes down to who you are comfortable with. There is  a wide variety of breeders, each with a varying definition of quality. Here's what we recommend: ask for references and ask a million questions--any good breeder will take the time to educate and answer all your questions. And make sure they are very educated and experienced with the brachycephalic breed. Obviously your vet is very knowledgeable but, your breeder will  also be your go to for puppy heath question and guidance.

How do I pick the best French Bulldog puppy from a litter?

At Blue Buddha Frenchies, we understand the importance of choosing the perfect French Bulldog puppy from a litter. That's why we offer personalized consultations to help you pick the puppy that best suits your needs and lifestyle. Our team is dedicated to creating a safe and comfortable environment for all of our puppies, and we provide hands-on care and attention throughout their upbringing. Never hesitate to ask your french bulldog breeder to assist in the process. We absolutely love getting you the perfect frenchie.

Do male dogs or female dogs make better pets?

Also, we specialize in breeding and raising French Bulldog puppies. As a breed, French Bulldogs are known for their unique personalities and affectionate nature. One of the more common questions we get is about the difference between male and female French Bulldogs. While both genders have their own unique personalities, generally speaking, males tend to be more laid back and relaxed, while females tend to be more assertive and active. However, every dog is unique, and we work hard to match each of our puppies with the perfect family.

french bulldog breeders

meet the French Bulldog breeders

We don't just sell puppies, we provide an experience.

We want to make this a memorable time for you, and your entire family. From the day they're born until the day they're in your arms, we keep you updated throughout the whole process! Everything from, ultrasound and x-ray pictures to FaceTime, live videos, pictures after they're here and more! All of this happens in the picturesque area of Knoxville Tennessee! We originated in Ohio so we also have family in the Cincinnati Ohio and the Columbus Ohio area to provide amazing quality frenchie puppies through our amazing breeding program.




Best french bulldog puppy food
Best french bulldog puppy food logo

We feed Our frenchies the best

and Only the best

We compared every food you could think of

(and that was a lot).

Here's why we love Life's Abundance:

  • Packed with nutrition and wholesome ingredients

  • Live pre and probiotics

  • Contains vitamins A,C, E

  • Has never been recalled (in over 20 years of business)

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blue buddha tan french bull dog puppy
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