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Home of quality elite french bulldogs of all colors! Who are we? We are BBF! We have been breeding frenchies and loving this breed for many years. We strive to provide our families with healthy, quality puppies that will complete your family! We demonstrate a Zen atmosphere for our dogs. We have been told our dogs live better than most people. They are truly our world.

Happy Pets, Happy Life

Its that Simple

We don't just sell a puppy, we provide an experience.

We want to make this a memorable time for you, and your entire family. We keep you updated throughout the whole process, from the day they're born until the day they're in your arms! We'll send ultrasound pictures, x-ray pictures, through the whole pregnancy and then FaceTime, live videos, pictures and more.




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French bulldOgs are a breed like nO Other. 

They’re addicting and what a great addiction they are! With a playful spirit, love of entertaining, and tendency to snort, and let’s not forget, life of the party, French Bulldogs have earned many nick names! I mean they did evolve from, a frog, pig, and a bat! Can you blame them?!

Known for their flat faces and bat ears and small compact bodies, they’re sure to catch everyone’s attention when they’re out. However, they’re not for every family. 

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Every puppy that we bring into this world we take full responsibility for. We take that job very seriously.

We have 6 kids that are hands on with our dogs and puppies. We have studied reproduction, DNA, health, temperament and this breed from top to bottom. Rest assure we are doing everything possible to make sure we better the breed with every litter. Socialization is something you won’t have to worry about.


Your puppies will receive the best care possible while they’re with us. We will shower your puppy with love, structure from the day they’re born until we place them in your arms.


When you buy a puppy from us, you’re welcomed into our family forever. We are honest, reliable breeders with a history of healthy puppies to show for. We would love to help you add a Blue Buddha to your family! 

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Best french bulldog puppy food
Best french bulldog puppy food logo

We feed Our frenchies the best

and Only the best

We compared every food you could think of

(and that was a lot).

Here's why we love Life's Abundance:

  • Packed with nutrition and wholesome ingredients

  • Live pre and probiotics

  • Contains vitamins A,C, E

  • Has never been recalled (in over 20 years of business)

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blue buddha tan french bull dog
blue buddha french bull dog puppy
blue buddha blue french bull dog puppy
blue buddha black and tan french bull dogs
blue buddha tan french bull dog puppy
blue buddha black and tan french bull dog