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French Bulldog Breeder Blue Buddha Frenchies Fluffy French Bulldog Puppies

After many years Of Our families requesting

High Quality and Healthy fluffy french bulldog

We have decided to introduce the fluffy french bulldog to our families

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“A little fluff goes a long way...”

To get a little more familiar with what makes a fluffy french bulldog, here are some facts we have learnt along the way with our research

Since the fluffy french bulldog gene is a recessive mutation, a dog must have two copies of the recessive long-hair allele (l/l) to cause the dog to have long hair. A dog that has short hair could have one or two copies of the short-hair allele (L/L or L/l) to have the short-hair phenotype. So people ask if they weren’t crossed with other breeds how is it that they were never found until about 10 years ago?? Well, since it is a recessive gene that maybe one or a few lines carried it is said that it could have remained undetected for 100 plus years.  

French Bulldog Breeder Blue Buddha Frenchies Fluffy French Bulldog Puppies
Unbreakable Gem

We want to perfect the fluffy French bulldog the best way we can and we didn’t want to just throw two carriers together. We have spent the last couple years researching endlessly on who will be our foundation to our fluffy french bulldog program.


That is why we want to introduce, Our Unbreakable Gem. She came all the way from Lithuania. She isn’t a fluffy, but she is a carrier of the fluffy gene. She has some of the best lines in the world. Her mom and father were the first (as fluffy carriers) to create the first platinum full fluffies in the entire world.  


Please bear with us, as we want to make sure our fluffies have the best lines that  demonstrate, above all: health, conformation and structure. Adding the fluffy gene to these lines is our number one priority. So it isn’t something we want to just throw together to get visual fluffy french bulldogs. It will be a process that we are willing take slowly. 

french bulldog stud

El CaminO

El Camino is and amazing Lilac and Tan French Bulldog that carries L4 Fluffy Gene and Testable Chocolate! He is also the first Polar Bear Jr. son in the United States to carry testable Chocolate. So needless to say he is VERY Special to us and our programs high quality!

Beautiful Fluffy frenchies created here at Blue Buddha Frenchies.

Fluffy French Bulldog
Fluffy French Bulldog
French Bulldog Breeder Blue Buddha Frenchies French Bulldog Puppies

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