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french bulldog puppy

BecOme A Frenchie Guardian

Apply tO becOme a Frenchie Guardian

Our dogs are our pride and joy, which is why we want to ensure they get all the socialization and one-on-one attention they deserve. We can maintain a certain amount of dogs in our home, comfortably, but, let's face it, not all dogs are meant to be pack dogs. Which is why we have chosen to launch the Blue Buddha Guardian program. This enables our dogs to be not only a parent when the time is right but also a pet with all the love and attention they deserve with our guardian program.

The Blue Buddha Guardian program is an amazing opportunity for any family to take advantage of—especially those that have a genuine love for this breed.  When we bring guardians into our network we try to forge a strong thriving partnership and friendship. We can't wait to have you be a part of of the Blue Buddha Guardian Program Family!


  • Puppies will go to their Guardian program homes as early as 8 weeks and some 1 year.

  • MOST guardianships will host a female dog, although from time to to a male may need a home.

  • All females, when ready to breed, will come to our home and will be bred and returned to the family.

  • If confirmed, they will stay with the family until the female is 2 weeks from delivery.

  • 30 days from mating we will confirm pregnancy.

  • Most of our females are bred 3 times, if healthy. After their last litter they are spayed and retire to live out their lives with their retired family. 

  • Dog age can vary.


  • Must be within 2 hours driving distance from Knoxville TN

  • Must be willing to transport to and from Knoxville for appointments during breeding times.

  • Must not have any intact males or females in your home

  • Must be familiar with the brachycephalic breed and their needs.

  • An ideal guardian home is a home with no other dogs, preferably, but not a deal breaker, fenced yard, clean, stress free and a calm environment.

  • Must have air conditioning.

  • Must be willing to provide extra hugs and kisses daily with our guardian program.

Blue Buddha Guardian Program and how it works.

Ready tO Bring a Frenchie intO YOur Life?


Do you rent or own your home?
Have you ever owned a Frenchie before?
Are you financially able to provide any normal preventative care or an emergency situation unrelated to breeding?
Do you have a in ground pool is there a protective barrier around it?
Do you travel for work?
Do you have a fenced yard?
Do you live in a subdivision or country

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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