At Blue Buddha Frenchies, we have a variety of amazing french bulldog studs to offer.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. 

  • First shipment is always paid by us and if you want a second we do require you to cover the shipping.

  • We can ship FedEx Overnight or Counter to Counter through American Airlines Cargo potentially same day in emergency situations.

  • We guarantee 2 live puppies or we will repeat the breeding at your girls next cycle.

  • Stud pricing varies per stud and pricing for stud services listed below each stud.

  • We have our studs collected by Licensed Reproductive Veterinarians and Theriogenologists no "backyard" breeding here at BBF. We guarantee the process by using their expert services which they studied many years to receive their "Doctorate" degrees. In addition they do a thorough semen evaluation prior to any shipment leaving their facility and provide that evaluation to our clients.. We do our own in-house collections for our girls but, not when shipping. 

  • If you prefer to do a side by side AI or TCI you're more than welcome to use their services to do so. They are Amazing!

  • We also Health Test our studs for all pertaining ailments.


The EmperOr

Chocolate Fawn (Lock in NOW)

 Dd aya co/co Em/e kyky ns

$3000 stud fee $1000 to lock-in

Carries Testable Chocolate and L4 Fluffy
atat dd coco Bb Eme nn kyky L4
$8000 stud fee $1000 to lock-in 
blue buddha tan bulldog stud


Ipman Brings a lot to the table!

Dd Bb kyky ns

$2000 stud fee $500 to lock-in