2021-2022 Puppy Reserves



We are currently accepting deposits for 2021-2022 Litters!


Frequently asked questions:


 How does the reserves work?


Here at Blue Buddha Frenchies we require a deposit to be placed on our reserve list. All of our litters are reserved prior to birth. We have implemented this process and have loved the outcome. We are able to create relationships with our families and get to know them. Our ultimate goal is to make sure that our babies go the best homes!

Once I place my deposit, how does the picking process work?


Your pick is done in the order your deposit was received. We have a color list, male/female list. Flexibility is always helpful!

What sets you apart from other breeders?

We always tell people that you should research and research and when you think you have researched enough, research more! This breed isn't for everyone, or every family. We don't just sell a puppy to just anyone, we provide an experience. We want to make this a memorable time for you, and your entire family. We keep you updated throughout the whole process. We send ultrasound pictures, x-ray pictures, through the whole pregnancy. We do FaceTime, live videos, pictures and more videos sent from the day they're born until they're in your arms! We have some amazing content on our social media accounts. For example: Blue Buddha Frenchies Facebook platform, and Blue Buddha Frenchies Instagram. On these accounts we share so much information and pictures with all of you and our followers, but the real fun is behind the scenes where you get the ultimate experience! We always tell people, you can always go out and find a french bulldog puppy now, but there are reasons people wait for our babies. We understand they are not inexpensive, but quality/health is worth waiting for. 

When do we get to pick our puppy, once they're born?

We like to make sure all our families pick their baby by 4 weeks of age. Why, 4 weeks?  We feel that at this point the puppies have opened their eyes and have begun to take steps and are ready to be called their name picked by their families. This is when the process becomes more personal and so much fun! This is when we say, this is when the fun begins! The first two weeks of life is the most critical. We know that everyone is excited and trust us, so are we, but we need to make sure these sweet little babies get the best chance at life. The first two weeks is really focused on them and making sure they get to you and your family safely. 

Are your puppies socialized while in your care?

Absolutely! We have 6 children in our family that are a huge part of our program. You will see our kids singing to the puppies, and playing with them, and showering them with love and kisses and snuggles! 

How do you let the puppies go?

Of course this is the hardest part of this whole experience. The only, and we mean the only thing that makes it easier is knowing that our babies are going to the most amazing families and we are able to watch them grow into amazing dogs! We love when our families interact with one another and share their social media accounts with us so we also have the opportunity to share theirs. 

How much do your puppies cost?

This question has many variables. It depends on DNA, quality, male or female.This question is best answered by contacting us and letting us know what you're looking for so we can further assist. 

Do you sell FULL AKC rights?

This is a question that we get quite often. We do consider selling with rights to select families. We understand that people have to start somewhere and we were once in that position, so we are a little more understanding than some people. We have worked very hard to achieve the position we are in today. Our breedings and lines mean a lot to us. It is what has gotten us to the place we are today so with that being said, we must be very considerate to the breed and what one has to offer to it. When we do offer rights to someone, we also offer a mentor program so you aren't completely unprepared throughout the process and you have the best start and success possible. Knowledge is power!


Ours spots fill up VERY fast so don't miss your chance to have your beautiful Blue Buddha Frenchie!